Morning Horror of “Fix The Critical Error in WordPress”

Morning Horror of “Fix The Critical Error in WordPress”

So this morning I’m opening a client’s website, to do some further work. You know, update images, new prices, that sort. Imagine my horror, when clicking on Divi Theme Builder, and the white screen of death comes up.. “There has been a critical error on this website. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” What? What happened? Everything was fine a week ago! And now, the most annoying, frustrating WordPress Message ever.

Of course, I’m a hopeful person and go to check the admin email. I should have known better. No WordPress, you haven’t sent me any message about this error horror, as usual. Left to figure things out on my own again! 

A quick Google on the “critical error on WordPress website” refreshes my knowledge of this issue. Yes, of course. The culprits as usual – the multiple plugins I had installed to test out various options for the online shop. Amazon addon for WordPress? Why exactly did I install this one? Well, deactivate and delete. Yep. That was it! The culprit was found and the site is back and working! Bad, amazon, bad plugin! No more of you! Hopefully, the rest of the day is less web-error-eventful.

On a side note, here’s a great site I always use to refresh my memory of all sorts of errors and problems.

PS. I did configure my SMTP and it was working. So WordPress should have sent me an email!

How To Stop Words from Breaking in WordPress Divi Theme on Mobile Screens

If you are building your website in Divi and come to the stage of testing, what you have created on multiple screens and devices, a common problem of words breaking or splitting across the screen, can come up. If you are using Divi theme, which is what I use, then the solution is simple.

All you need is a line of code in your CSS:

h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {overflow-wrap: normal;}

Broken Images with Divi Themes

Broken Images with Divi Themes

There isn’t anything more frustrating than opening your browser in the morning, and discovering that your website is full of broken images. And you have no idea why. Nothing changed overnight. Multiple reasons ran through my mind: 

  • An update needed on the theme?
  • Out of date Plugin?
  • SSL certificate causing problems?

For the past 3 years, I have been using Divi Themes on all the Websites I build in Worpdress. And I love it. But it comes with a learning curve. A few times it seemed that Divi Theme update did the job. I saw full images again! Phew. Potential new clients won’t be worried when landing on my website. But like a bad smell, the broken images kept creeping back. Until today. 

A quick scan through Google and Forums finally gave me the answer – apparently, all I needed to do, was to turn off “responsive images” in Divi Theme options. So, my site is back to being unbroken! One happy designer!

Why isn’t my form sending emails in WordPress?

Why isn’t my form sending emails in WordPress?

So you have installed Divi and all it’s beautiful features. Now you have added the email form, and are testing it out. But nothing is coming to your email! It’s a very frustrating position to be in. The solution is simple though. To explain it a bit deeper, your server handles PHP email requests by your web host.

As you are using WordPress, the best solution is to use an SMTP plugin. I use WP Mail SMTP plugin on all my websites.

In order for it to work, you will also need to use a third party application, such as SendGrid.

When you have created an account on SendGrid, you will need to generate an API key, which you then need to paste into your SMTP plugin. And voila, the form is sending your emails!