Starting your own business is certainly an exciting time! But it also comes with a lot of confusion, if it is your first time. I’ve compiled a list of what you would need to have both an online and a physical presence for your clients.

  1. Logo Design
  2. Business Cards
  3. Flyers to Advertise
  4. Website
  5. Social Media Presence
  6. Car Stickers

1. Logo

After you’ve decided on your business name, the first thing to tackle would be your logo. Design and style of the logo depend greatly on the type of business you will engage in, and in who is your potential customer base. 

2. Your Website

Get your website up and running as soon as possible. Today, it’s necessary for credibility.  Even if your product is not yet built, you can start with company information.

3. Social Media

Getting set up on the major social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to start) will make marketing on them later easier. Also, it’s important to reserve your brand as a profile name. Try to reserve the names.

4. Business Cards

Though most of our life these days is online, you will still need your business cards, for all those networking events you would be attending. Also the design of the business cards can come in a bit later stage, or at least as soon as you have decided on the venue and phone numbers, as well as email address. Once you know for sure, the printing and designing can be done, as otherwise, if you change your business address lets say, all those lovely printed cards would be wasted. You also need the cards to create credibility.

5. Flyers and booklets

If you have a business that you would also like to advertise locally, such as you offer food delivery service etc, it is a good idea to share those flyers with the neighbourhood!

6. Car Stickers

I always recommend having car stickers, as it is free advertisement! Also it creates credibility for your business!